Bitcoin arbitrage site

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Bitcoin arbitrage site

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Bitcoin botnet

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Profitability calculator bitcoin

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b16d0d36c49845317c6af84cfc7bd617 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 15:30:44 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 32 32 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 15:30:44 +0000 Cryptocurrency Exchange Operators To Shut Down For Good

Breaking news from Nikkei, Japan this morning suggests that two cryptocurrency exchanges, namely Tokyo GateWay and Mr. Exchange are to cease operations and shut down for good.

The closure of the exchanges will see both groups issue out all the customers cryptocurrency holdings before they close their doors (so to speak) for good.

This comes after new regulations from the Financial Services Agency in Japan have been set out to reduce the levels of cybercrime happening within Japanese networks as a result of un-registered cryptocurrency exchanges.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 15:00:37 +0000 Paranormal ICO Launched Today

The worlds first paranormal cryptocurrency ‘Onstellar’ has launched its main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) today.

With the pre-sale selling out, the 29th of March was set as the date for the first main sale of tokens. The cap for the sale has been set to $10,000,000M with contributions available in Ethereum and Bitcoin, altogether this will generate 50,000,000 Onstellar tokens, now branded as ONST tokens. The ICO will work on a first come first served basis meaning theres no limit on how many tokens one can purchase.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 14:30:09 +0000 $140 Billion Tourism Industry Bound For Cryptocurrency Integration

International Tourism firms Touriocity and Traipse have today announced plans to introduce cryptocurrency incentives to users of their service.

Both firms offer services for tours of cities across the world. They aren’t traditional tours per say, both firms aim to integrate technology, mainly smartphones and tablets into their tours to offer customers a much more rewarding experience.

Not only that, the firms offer other experiences for customers, for example cooking classes and access to other cultural phenomena.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 14:00:22 +0000 How India Is Paving The Way For The Cryptocurrency Boom

India as a nation have a keen eye for cryptocurrency, their attention to detail when it comes to technological revolution is astonishing. Even more astonishing is their commitment to cryptocurrency education in their latest move.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (FICCI) was established in 1927, it’s the largest apex business organisation in India yet has no direct affiliations with government, instead it is a not-for-profit organisation who’s aims are to provide services to its 2,500,000 members.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 13:30:51 +0000 Bitcoin Price Crash Is Nothing To Worry About Says Leading Data Scientist

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, probably one of the most searched for words on Google in 2018.

Today, the value of the coin is down once again, down by almost 6% to a value of $7561, concerning when you consider that in December it hit $19,000.

Since I wrote the first sentence, I thought it would be interesting to see how the word Bitcoin is trending on Google. I was wrong, it’s actually far less searched for now than it has been for nearly a year – Oh well, you see my point though.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 13:00:54 +0000 ZCoin Could Begin To Climb After Recent Tumble

Since the infamous cryptocurrency crash at the start of the year ZCoin has ploughed through a trajectory of loss after loss after loss.

It closed 2017 valued at around $159 before entering a slippery slope, barely reaching $31 as valued today (29/03/2018).

Its decline has followed the trend of many of the major cryptocurrencies over the last few months, though any pessimistic feelings you have towards ZCoin, or any of the other currencies for that matter, should be discarded.

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]]> 0 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:30:23 +0000 Roger Ver’s Keynote Speech, Economic Freedom And Bitcoin Cash – Satoshi’s Vision

As you might have guessed, Roger Ver’s appearance at this years Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo was awaited with great anticipation.

On the 25/03/2018, Ver addressed the audience at the TKP Gardencity Takebashi with a 30-minute speech, during which he touched upon issues of economic freedom, why its important and why it might lead to digital currencies changing the world.

Ver used a quote from Brian Armstrong, the CEO of, in which he says:

“Digital currency may be the most effective way the world has ever seen to increase economic freedom.

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]]> 1 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 10:00:06 +0000 Every Phone Needs An SPV Wallet

Andrew Stone, the lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited has spoken out about the importance of SPV wallets on phones at the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference.

Bitcoin Cash adoption is at the top of Stone’s agenda and he believes that as a developer for Bitcoin Unlimited, his and his colleagues goals should be focused on just that, getting Bitcoin Cash into the mainstream.

This is because of a number of factors, firstly Bitcoin Cash has the blockchain capacity to create and maintain its own network.

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]]> 1 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 09:30:02 +0000 Reddit Says Goodbye To Bitcoin

It appears that the use of cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, and more widely accepted. Something that the market has been trying to do for years. But, as we hear about more businesses who are starting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods, we also hear how one is shutting its doors on Bitcoin.

For five years, since 2013, popular site Reddit, has given you the option of paying for their Reddit Gold membership with the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, along with more traditional payment options of credit card and PayPal.

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]]> 1 Thu, 29 Mar 2018 08:00:54 +0000 Do These Cryptocurrencies Have More Potential Than Bitcoin?

When you think of cryptocurrencies, you think of Bitcoin. It was the first one to burst onto the scene and it is the largest by market capital. But, these virtual currencies are threatening to one day surpass it completely.


Although many people believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar, there is one major difference Ethereum can handle currency and non currency blockchain applications, where Bitcoin can only handle currency applications.

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