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Складные ножи чебуркова цены

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Every Phone Needs An SPV Wallet

Andrew Stone, the lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited has spoken out about the importance of SPV wallets on phones at the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference. Bitcoin Cash adoption is at the top of Stone’s agenda and he believes that as a developer for Bitcoin Unlimited, his and his colleagues goals should be focused on just that, getting Bitcoin Cash into the mainstream. This is because of a number of factors, firstly Bitcoin Cash has the blockchain capacity to create and maintain its own network. Stone believes that there’s no time like the present and that the present is here so it’s time to get it done. Stone also believes that new developments can counter the anti-cryptocurrency propaganda that is being replicated at a governmental level. Mostly however, Stone argues that creativity an...

Three Options To Store Your Cardano [ADA]

For those well-versed in the world of cryptocurrencies, ADA (a currency run by the Cardano platform), is an exciting one to watch for the time being. Although it is quickly becoming a popular option for many looking to invest, the options for storing ADA are limited, particularly as there is only one working wallet for Cardano at present. The following three wallet options may provide some useful guidance to those new to the world of Cardano: Exchange wallets First of all, it is important to point out that no one should store large amounts of cryptocurrency in an exchange wallet. For now, however, it is certainly the most convenient option for Cardano, and is a perfectly reasonable option for people who hold small amounts of the currency. If you are looking to store your ADA in an exchange...

Decentralized Ledger Systems: A New Age Of Record Keeping

Ledgers and records of transactions have existed for thousands of years. These ledgers helped individuals, businesses and governments identify who owned what property and title claims. The validity of the transactions was authenticated by a centralized government regulatory authority, like the registrar’s office. While this model of centralized record keeping had proven useful, it had also been noted to be incredibly slow and time consuming. Digital Ledgers With the coming of computers, ledgers started becoming digitized. The private sector led the way, with their innovative online record keeping platforms. Government agencies around the world tried to catch up as they started to adapt the system as well. This greatly enhanced the speed of transaction processing. Computer-based databases c...

How To Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe From Hacks, Scams And Your Own Stupidity

The boom in cryptocurrency’s popularity has created major security issues. As thousands of fraudsters are cashing in to get investors’ money, even more cryptocurrency holders become victim because of being careless or uneducated about how to stay safe in the cryptoworld.  Here’s the ultimate guide of how not to become a fool or be fooled. Top 5 biggest crypto crimes of all times You may not be familiar with jaw-dropping news regarding crimes in the cryptoworld. But these are not mere speculations, the crimes are more than real and those criminals manage to steal millions. Unfortunately there’s plenty of examples, but I’m going to take a look to the top 5. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles: Over $7,7 Billion Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, will go down in history as the bigges...

A New Smartphone Is Being Released That Is Designed To Keep Your Crypto Safe

Despite the rocky start to the year, cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted. Perhaps the latest move to prove this, is a smartphone that is being released that is aimed at securing your investments from even the most skilled hackers. The German cybersecurity firm Sikur, is responsible for the release of this smartphone, and it was unveiled for the first time yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone has the features of a normal smartphone with one added bonus – a built in cryptocurrency software wallet. In order to test the security of the phone, the company went as far as hiring professional hackers to try and break into the phones system. According to the company, none of the attempted cyber attacks were successful, despite trying for two months. They als...

What To Expect From IOTA In 2018

As one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies in the global marketplace, IOTA has caught the attention of many cryptocurrency fans and traders recently – and with a couple of recent big announcements, it looks set to continue to attract attention throughout 2018. Trinity wallet The first project announced by the IOTA team is the Trinity wallet, which promises to be a user-friendly, cross-platform, secure mobile wallet application designed to store the currency. At the moment, IOTA is limited to an official desktop application which has had numerous problems – including a particularly frustrating zero balance display bug. Most IOTA users are set to welcome a streamlined, bug-free application which can be accessed on mobile, and with this new technology there will likely follow a s...

Is Bitcoin Safe And Secure?

Bitcoin’s constant fluctuation in value and controversial media representation, due to its association with black market deals, presents Bitcoin as both a dangerous gamble and the future of cryptocurrency. So, just how safe and secure is Bitcoin? Can Bitcoin be stolen? Like all currencies, yes, Bitcoin can be stolen. As with online banking, cybercrime is unfortunately a very real threat, however, if you store your Bitcoin properly, you can make them much more secure than you can your credit card details. There are multiple ways to safely secure your Bitcoin, from printing out a ‘paper wallet’ and leaving no digital trace to a ‘hardware wallet’, which resembles a USB drive which is commonly seen as the most secure form of storing your Bitcoin. Can Bitcoin be ha...

Will The Trinity Wallet Help IOTA?

A recent innovation in wallet applications has been released by Charlie Varley. Formerly known by the name of UCL wallet (after Varley’s alma mater, University College London), it has now been branded as the Trinity wallet, and is intended to act as an alternative to the existing IOTA wallets currently available to the community. These wallets consist of IOTA’s own official desktop wallet, and a third party IOTA wallet developed for the Android operating system. Originally starting out as a one-man development project, members of the IOTA community have been quick to spot the potential of a cross-platform application for mobile devices acting as an IOTA wallet alternative, and many of the community’s developers have joined with Varley to help him develop the project further, adding a large...

How You Can Keep Your Bitcoins Safe

Bitcoin has had quite the year already, but one problem that a lot of investors find once they purchased Bitcoins is how they will keep them safe and secure. One main concern with Bitcoin is that it is unregulated. Another is security. Cryptocurrencies are often the victims of hackers, and in some instances, this has resulted in both investors losing millions of dollars, and exchanges getting shut down. There are ways that you can help to keep your Bitcoins safe, with the most obvious being, to put your digital money into a wallet. Bitcoin wallets are simply digital wallets, with two keys – one public and one private. A public key is an address which is needed when one wants to send Bitcoins to you, and a private key is an address which is necessary in order for you to spend Bitcoins much ...

The Four Essential Types of Crypto Wallets

When you initially get some Bitcoin, or any other coin, asset, or token, you will need to keep it in a wallet. As a rule of thumb, wallets are designed for specific coins. For example, you keep Bitcoin in a Bitcoin wallet. You keep Ethereum in an Ethereum wallet. Essentially, there is at least one wallet for each and every coin. But increasingly there are more options for the more popular coins and there are also multi-coin and multi-asset wallets. To help keep things as simple as possible for you, we are recommending a multi-asset wallet that can hold several of the most popular coins and assets. I’ll walk you through setting up that wallet in just a bit. It’s going to seem like there a lot of different kinds of wallets and at first, you might find it a little confusing. Don’t worry. I’m ...

Bitcoin Cash Set To Close Out 2017 With Huge Infrastructure Support

Bitcoin Cash has seen a significant growth throughout the year; from merchant acceptance, cryptocurrency business integrating support, and many other additions to the BCH economy, which show that Bitcoin Cash will no doubt have some robust infrastructure for the year ahead. The price of Bitcoin has jumped significantly, topping at $2,000 per BCH. With figures like this, it is easy to see that it still commands the fourth largest market capitalisation this month, with the market cap surpassing $31billion. The trade volume has been incredibly high all week, and today, it has traded over $2.4billion worth of BCH. An astonishing figure, I’m sure you can all agree.   Since the hard fork on 1st August 2017, the BCH chain is approaching 30,000 mined blocks. It is operating at approximately 9 perc...

Developers Discuss the State of Bitcoin Privacy at Baltic Honeybadger Conference

A major highlight of the recent Baltic Honeybadger 2017 conference in Riga, Latvia was the final panel at the end of the second day of events, which consisted of a number of well-known developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem. During the panel discussion, the developers shared their thoughts on the current state of privacy in Bitcoin. Various participants on the panel pointed out the close relationship between privacy and scalability, the privacy issues with light wallets, and how the ecosystem is now on the cusp of a number of different privacy enhancements. Bitcoin Privacy Improves as the Technology Scales by Default The first panelist to comment on the topic of privacy in Bitcoin was applied cryptography consultant and sometimes Bitcoin Core contributor Peter Todd. For Todd, the main point h...

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