Как ухаживать на ножом

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Как ухаживать на ножом

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Подарок 19 летнему парню на день рождения

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Featured News

From “BowieBonds” to CelebrityTokens

Securitisation and celebrity bonds are a novel idea. David Bowie was a pop music icon to many, but how many people know he was also involved in innovation in the world of finance? Back in the mid-1990s, David Bowie, along with his financial manager Bill Zysblat, and banker David Pullman came up with a new structure to generate cash from Bowie’s extensive catalogue. The structure, dubbed “Bowie bonds”, awarded investors a share in his future royalties for 10 years. Late last year, the start-up called Royalty Flow, filed an offering at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), outlining plans for a “mini-IPO”. Royalty Flow was selling a little more than 3.3 million shares to the public for $15 each, with a minimum investment of $2,250 and was to use the proceeds from th...

The 6 Golden Rules For Investing in Cryptocurrency

We have developed a comprehensive method for evaluating cryptocurrency opportunities. Here are six rules that we follow at Crypto.IQ. These rules are based on Charlie’s years of experience in the crypto markets and require inside knowledge of the world of crypto assets. Crypto Investing Rule #1: Does It Solve a Real Problem? Cryptocurrencies exist because they solve problems that existing fiat currencies, such as dollars and euros, do not. For example, Bitcoin solves the problem of being able to transfer money between individuals quickly and easily outside the control of banks. At the same time, Bitcoin has a few built-in structural problems due to the way it was designed. Because of the way Bitcoin verifies each transaction with all of the computers in its network, it can take a few minut...

McDonalds to accept Bitcoin by 2018?

Recent news around Bitcoin could be very tasty for fast food lovers! Betting giants Betway have released odds for people to take on the cryptocurrency being accepted by McDonalds by next year. It seems that the sharp rise in the price and mainstream popularity of the cryptocurrency has led to a real feeling that the fast food giants will accept it as a payment method soon. Currently, the betting is 1/2 and this could see many people taking the wager with odds so short. It’s not only McDonalds that may accept Bitcoin What is more amazing is that Betway has not only limited the odds it is offering on Bitcoin becoming an accepted payment method to McDonalds. Retail stalwarts Argos are in at 4/5 to begin accepting Bitcoin payments by late 2018, while travel giants British Airways are cur...

Amazing Things Happening with Bitcoin, fancy A full set of Retro Games. Just 1.6 Bitcoins!

I like to browse the local ads for retro gaming items. It just takes me back to fond memories of Jet Set Willy on the Zx Spectrum with its sexy rubber keys or maybe you are more of a Resident Evil fan on the PS1. That moment the dog jump through the mirror, I literally soiled my pants. As I was looking through the ads there was one ad in particular that caught my eye. A full set of PS2 games, 2500 in total. This made me look and to my surprise they were asking for payment in Bitcoins. This to me is a game changer (Pardon the pun), if the general public are starting to embrace buying and selling with crypto currency, the tide is changing. Obviously, this person is involved in the trading of bitcoins but it was still an eye opener. Item for sale: https://www.gumtree.com/p/video-games/full-pl...

How is a Bitcoin made?

So far in this series, we’ve already talked about what Bitcoin is, about how you can buy it, and how you can spend it, but how is it actually made? Bitcoin vs. Gold The short answer is that new Bitcoins are mined. However, since that is just giving a label, rather than a definition, you’re probably going to want to know a bit more than that. It’s perhaps easiest to compare Bitcoin to its nearest physical equivalent: gold. Just as existent banking systems are (or at least were) based on the quantity and value of gold in a given country’s banks, the security and validity of Bitcoin based on the quantity of Bitcoins currently available in the network. Likewise, the production of new amounts of both gold and Bitcoin meet the same paradox. As mining equipment becomes more and more powerfu...

Bitcoins Surge could be start of the end for Crypto Currency

We have seen a huge jump over the weekend and could exceed $10,000, however we have seen in the past that the bigger the bitcoin bubble, the higher the likelihood it will burst. This is what some experts say. The poster boy of bitcoin reached an all-new high value. This saw all publicly traded cryptocurrencies take a boost, which include Ethereum. Ethereum jumped to $486, this is the first time it’s crossed the $400 mark. So why will the bubble burst? In September, the bitcoin soared beyond expectations by reaching $5,000, but then the cryptocurrency dropped by more than 16% from it’s peak. After it’s drop, the collapse of Bitcoin2X happened. This then set up the (bitcoin cash) which was intended to be a “fork” of the original Bitcoin Blockchain. China could also be a huge factor of the bu...

Swiss Central Bank chairman weighs in on Bitcoin

Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank, has made a statement about cryptocurrencies at an event held in Basel on Thursday 23 November. Jordan said that central banks are keeping a very close eye on the issues of cryptocurrencies and that he would regard them “more as an investment than a currency”. According to a report from Reuters, he also acknowledged that there are “many unsolved questions” around the subject. He also stipulated that central banks have a responsibility to consider the potential impact cryptocurrencies might have on the existing financial habitat. Indeed, at last year’s Sibos conference in Switzerland, he made reference to the underpinning blockchain technology, asserting that its rise is gradually turing the finance sector R...

Bitcoin Diamond has arrived with 4.2 billion coins

Friday 24 November saw the arrival of a brand new Bitcoin fork, but the 4.2 billion coins it has emerged with are already raising a number of questions. Bitcoin Diamond launched at block 495866, with the aim to transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake once the mining process is completed, which means after just 10,000 blocks. A strangely complex unveiling on Bitcointalk laid the path for the latest Bitcoin doppelgänger, which differs from other incarnations, like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, in that it has very little in common with Bitcoin itself. There is very little known about what Bitcoin Diamond actually aims to achieve, besides a 28-exchange support figure. It seems the groundwork is being managed and executed by an anonymous team of developers, alongside an anonymous ̵...

Investors bombarding wealth managers with Bitcoin requests

Wealth managers the world over are being overwhelmed with requests about Bitcoin, as reported by Bloomberg. The astonishing increase in value the cryptocurrency has experienced has led to a run on the investment, with an enormous number of investors looking to gain positions in this new asset class. The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, which had been widely considered a black market currency pre-2017, has seen remarkable growth in recent times. The astronomical price increases have given rise to new investment vehicles like Bitcoin futures, as seen on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and others. The general feeling There’s no denying that the majority of wealth managers have reservations regarding the risk associated with an emerging, technology-backed class of asset. But the bulk of ...

Billionaire investor believes Bitcoin will hit 10K this year

Recent developments in Bitcoin’s progression in 2017 have left analysts speeding to revise any predictions that they had made in terms of Bitcoin’s downfall. Mike Novogratz, a long-term, billionaire investor in Bitcoin, strongly believes that Bitcoin’s growth has not peaked yet and that is will cross the $10,000 mark by the end of the year. Novogratz was an early investor in Bitcoin. In 2013, he purchased the currency for just $50 each and has publicly stated before that 10% of his life’s savings are invested in Bitcoin and Ether. Novogratz, ranked as a billionaire by Forbes in 2007 and 2008, stated in an interview a month back that he would not be surprised if Bitcoin breached the $10,000 mark by the end of April 2018. The strong performance of Bitcoin in the last month has led to Novogra...

CBOE and CME release details of Bitcoin futures trading

It’s been known for a while that the CBOE, or the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the CME, or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, have been planning on launching Bitcoin contracts. Both companies have now released some preliminary details about their upcoming futures trading products of the cryptocurrency. The CBOE released a statement announcing that they intend to offer Bitcoin futures products under the ticker XBT. CBOE will set the tick, which is the smallest possible price fluctuation, at $10, and the contracts offered will be 1 BTC. CBOE CFA Russell Rhoads has also had some interesting comments to make on the future of Bitcoin: “I’ve done academic work on the launch of new listed products in the past and prior assumptions about new markets often are off the mark. I’ve heard ar...

Award-winning producer announces plans for MovieCoin

The cryptocurrency craze is spreading to Hollywood this week, as award-winning producer Christopher Woodrow announces plans to create ‘MovieCoin’, which will be used to fund big budget films and will appreciate in value if and when the films are successful. Woodrow, who produced Hollywood hits Birdman and Black Mass, hopes to raise $100 million in the Initial Coin Offering in the first quarter of 2018. The idea behind MovieCoin, Woodrow claims, is to democratise the business of film financing. Other ICOs in the past have been used in similar ways to open up investment opportunities to common people who would otherwise be priced out of big-budget projects, which have up until recently been the sole domain of wealthy venture capitalists. Certainly, MovieCoin may have every chance...

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