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Cryptocurrency Exchange Operators To Shut Down For Good

Breaking news from Nikkei, Japan this morning suggests that two cryptocurrency exchanges, namely Tokyo GateWay and Mr. Exchange are to cease operations and shut down for good. The closure of the exchanges will see both groups issue out all the customers cryptocurrency holdings before they close their doors (so to speak) for good. This comes after new regulations from the Financial Services Agency in Japan have been set out to reduce the levels of cybercrime happening within Japanese networks as a result of un-registered cryptocurrency exchanges. As part of the new regulations, both Tokyo GateWay and Mr. Exchange where told to improve their cybersecurity and data handling processes, failure to do so will now see the companies’ close-up. Interestingly, new reports are emerging that also sugg...

Coinbase Has A New Rival

Coinbase has been the go-to trading platform for cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years. However, this ubiquity has made it a target of government legislation and other initiatives that have been dreamt up with the intention of slowing down or stopping the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Now, just in time to add to Coinbase’s woes, a new rival has arrived on the scene. What does Abra bring to the party? Abra has the slick website and user interface you’d expect from a modern, well-funded app. The service allows you to make trades between most major cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the list of over 20 available currencies includes Bitcoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Unlike Robin Hood, another cryptocurrency trading platform that recently emerged, Abra allows users to make withdraw...

190 Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Which Is The Best One?

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you’ll probably use an exchange: a marketplace where buyers and sellers interact. Theoretically, it should work like a stock exchange, but in reality, it can be quite different. At the time of writing, there are at least 190 exchanges to choose from, with more appearing all the time. Without rules and regulations, there’s no obligation for the exchange to replace your digital money if it should get hacked. In fact, Mt. Gox, one of the first exchanges to go mainstream, went bankrupt. Don’t gamble on buying your Bitcoin from a fly-by-night exchange that could disappear: these are our tips for choosing the right exchange. 1. Look for the address No address, no deal. If you don’t know where your exchange is based, it’d be difficult for you to fin...

Coincheck Removes Three Popular Cryptocurrencies Due To The Risk

Coincheck, a major cryptocurrency exchange has made headlines today, after they have taken the decision to remove Monero, Dash and ZCash due to ‘risks’. The news has come after the exchange has suffered a recent hack, where approximately 500 million NEM was stolen from the company, and the hackers are still yet to be traced. Despite the virtual money not being recovered, the exchange has started the process of reimbursing their customers for any currency they have lost. The latest decision to remove three of the more popular virtual currencies is just one of the latest erratic moves from Coincheck. The reasons for delisting these cryptocurrencies from their platform is said to be because they all provide privacy and anonymity features, and it was decided that all of them provided a big ris...

Coinbase Adds Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

Coinbase has launched a new gain/loss calculating tool intended to help users keep track of their U.S. tax requirements. The calculator allows users to generate a report showing any capital gains or losses made while trading on the world’s most popular Bitcoin exchange platform. Since 2014, when the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it would treat cryptocurrencies as a taxable type of property, users have struggled to stay on top of changing tax laws. Taxes applied to digital currencies can be complex, but the IRS wants a share of cryptocurrency profits. As a result, the IRS demanded San Francisco-based Coinbase provide trading information and historical documentation for some of its U.S users, including handing over taxpayer IDs, names, addresses, birth dates, and transaction ...

Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Strikes Deal With Barclays For UK Transactions

In a symbolic move for the cryptocurrency market, Barclays has accepted a bitcoin exchange as a client. It is the first UK bank to do so, and the agreement has the potential to significantly boost the usage of cryptocurrency exchanges in the region. The client is Coinbase, a Bitcoin exchange based in San Francisco. The company is one of the top 10 bitcoin exchanges in the world by volume. In its new agreement with Barclays, Coinbase has been granted permission to open a Barclays bank account. When announcing the move on its website, Coinbase discussed the UK market; drawing upon the fact that its customer base in the UK was growing at twice the rate of other countries in Europe. Furthermore, a Coinbase spokesman said that the company had met with many other banks and ultimately opted for B...

LCCX Welcomes Regulation With The FCA And Urges Others To Follow Suit

Governments around the world are threatening regulation against cryptocurrencies and companies that handle them. London Based Crypto LCCX (London Crypto Currency Exchange) is welcoming of regulation and feels it’s needed in the current market where hacks and scams are thriving. LCCX CEO Robert Benwell said, “As investing in cryptocurrencies become more mainstream the market needs to adapt and work with regulators to produce new laws and rules that protect consumers. Too many exchanges around the world have no transparency. They don’t display any company information or address so consumers have nowhere to turn if things go wrong. We’ve seen a number of recent hacks that have cost clients of those exchanges millions of dollars in value. People are soon only going to want to deal with exchang...

Updated Coinbase User Agreement And Privacy Policy

Hi N/a, We are happy to announce that Coinbase has received an e-money license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. The license will allow Coinbase to issue e-money and provide payment services across Europe. For our customers, this will ultimately help us deliver a better experience through new partnerships and an easier to use product. As a result, we have updated our User Agreement (below) and Privacy Policy, which will become effective on March 21, 2018. By continuing to use our services on or after March 21, 2018, you agree to be bound by the new User Agreement (below) and Privacy Policy. We encourage you to carefully review the new User Agreement (below) and Privacy Policy. Please save this email for your reference. If for any reason you don’t agree to our new terms ...

Bittrex Announces Banned Countries

The US-based altcoin exchange Bittrex recently announced a change to its terms and conditions that will restrict its use by certain people, specifically those who have had any kind of economic sanction levied against them by the federal (US) government. It is not the first time that Bittrex has placed restrictions on its user base. In the past the exchange had enforced a lower withdrawal limit on those users who had failed to verify their accounts, a decision for which they came under a lot of criticism, even though that change was announced well in advance of its implementation. This decision to deny access to the exchange to anybody facing economic sanctions from the United States government has provoked a similar outcry from concerned groups. In its Terms and Conditions page, updated on...

Kraken Closes SWIFT & JPY Funding Accounts

Popular Exchange Kraken has emailed their customers that they will be closing SWIFT bank accounts, as well as JPY funding accounts at SMBC in Japan. Kraken is hugely popular in cryptocurrency industry, and this may come as some distress to some of it’s customers. The following email reads: “We regret to inform you that due to a variety of circumstances, we will be closing the following SWIFT bank accounts, as well as our domestic JPY funding accounts at SMBC in Japan. Please note that SEPA Euro funding will not be affected. Cryptocurrency funding will continue as usual. (All dates mentioned below are represented in JST) The Following Funding Accounts will be Closed on March 21st: USD, EUR, GBP (SWIFT)  Account Name: Payward Japan K.K. Address: 3-11-10 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Bank name: ...

Coinbase Hit With Lawsuit Over Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading

Top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is facing two federal class action lawsuits, including allegations that it engaged in insider trading during its launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) last year. The suits, filed March 1st and March 2nd, claim that Bitcoin tipped off its employees that BCH trading would open within the month – prompting a flurry of trading activity that saw the price of the digital coin skyrocket by almost 200%. Lawyers representing consumers in the California cases say the unfair insider knowledge put buyers at a disadvantage. What is Coinbase and what has it done wrong? The exchange is one of the leaders in cryptocurrency trading right now, with an estimated market cap of close to $1 billion. It launched Bitcoin Cash back in December 2017, but immediately the launch was ...

NEO Could Follow Ripple And Join Coinbase

Traders and cryptocurrency experts are predicting that Ripple will soon be added to top crypto exchange Coinbase, as the digital currency starts to rise significantly in both value and demand. Though Coinbase has not confirmed rumours that Ripple is coming, speculation is rife that an announcement will be made this week. On March 6th, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse will join Coinbase President Asiff Hirji for a CNBC interview which many feel will include confirmation of the launch. Coinbase has been expanding its cryptocurrency offerings at a rapid rate, though its launch of Bitcoin Cash in December 2017 has been dogged by insider trading accusations. Those following cryptocurrencies closely are predicting that other digital coins could soon join Ripple on the Coinbase exchange – most ...

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