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Analyst Believes Ethereum Will Rise Again

Ethereum, like other major cryptocurrencies has seen a drop in price today, plummeting by a huge ten percent. Despite the fall, an analyst at ETH news does believe that the second most popular cryptocurrency could rise again, saying; “In the weekly analysis, we discussed the importance of the $500 support in ETH/USD. The pair failed to hold this level and declined further…Looking at the 30-minute chart of ETH/ISD, there was a clear bearish break below a horizontal support at $518.00. As a result, there was a sharp drop and the price broke the $510 and $500 levels…On the flip side, the recent low of $477.31 may act as a decent support, the next buy zone being around $450. Overall Ether could consolidate in the short term but it remains at a risk of more losses until there is a break above $...

Why Ethereum Will Disrupt Everything

Goldman Sachs famously once said that blockchain could change and disrupt everything, but Dr. Julian Hosp, the co-founder of TenX and author of Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained, went one step further and said more specifically that Ethereum will disrupt everything. He has said that investors should be following this crypto closely as well. He warns that the majority of internet stocks failed after the dot com crash, and he believes that cryptocurrencies will suffer the same fate. He also believes that investors should get some exposure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and focuses particularly on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum is different to other cryptocurrencies and has the ability to securely store data transparently and anonymously, which means that it can be used across a...

What Is Wrong With Three Of The Top Cryptocurrencies

Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin have all experienced huge losses this year, and a lot of people are blaming Bitcoin for this. Despite the fact that Bitcoin has also been performing badly this year, it is unfair to say that it is the driving force behind the other price drops. There are in fact, two likely reasons that the above mentioned cryptocurrencies are plunging, and neither are them are caused by Bitcoin. The competition has widened considerably. Last summer there were 900 cryptocurrencies available to investors. In less than a year, this number has dramatically increased to 1,650, and what is more, nearly all of them are accompanied by their own blockchain technology. On top of this, well known brands, such as IBM, have started their own blockchain technology as well. The trouble is, ...

Ethereum Is The Superior Long Term Buy According To Joseph Lubin

The co-founder of Ethereum has spoken out to reject the idea that the cryptocurrency market is just a bubble, and insisted on the long-term potential of Ethereum. Speaking to Bloomberg, in a televised interview, Lubin branded the ‘bubble’ label as premature and myopic. He said, “I would argue that we’ve seen a correction in our space – calling it a bubble to have been popped is a little bit shortsighted.” Lubin also described current weaknesses in the market and falls in cryptocurrency prices as ‘an opportunity for new investors to join the crypto platform.’ Lubin was keen to emphasise that his own platform Ethereum was still an evolving technology, that would overcome short-term problems. He predicted there would be a dramatic increase in scalability within 2 years. Lubin also...

Top Coins To Hold Until 2020

The cryptocurrency boom attracted a huge amount of speculative investment towards the end of 2017. The falls that have been seen across most of the market since then have driven many short-term investors away. However, there are still a number of fantastic opportunities for investors who are happy to stick around for a little longer. In this article, we’ll take a look at some currencies that long-term investors should hold until 2020. Bitcoin Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. The underlying fundamentals of Bitcoin are basically unchanged from the days when it was hitting valuations of $20,000 or more. This means that there is every chance that it could hit these levels again and some investors with a little more confidence (and patience) than the market as a whole could make very ti...

Clash Of Titans: If Bitcoin Crashes, Which Coin Is Likely To Take The Throne?

Bitcoin’s long-lasting drop, combined with a falling number of transactions,struckd almost every market player lately. A couple of weeks ago, the overall amount of Bitcoin transactions fell down to 150,000, and such low activity replicated numbers of March 2016. As Bitcoin shares in total, the market cap hit the anti-record, crypto holders and even Bitcoin fans realise that a very important question is now on the table: is there ANY cryptocurrency that can actually replace BTC as a godfather of the crypto family? There are competitors slated to rival it, and we may well see some rather close collisions from some of the cryptocurrencies before 2018 draws to a close. So, probably, one the following three coins, Bitcoin’s strongest competitors, is going to make an offer that we won’t be able ...

OMG Rebounding With Ethereum Blockchain

OmiseGo, which has been one of the lesser discussed cryptocurrencies could be in for an interesting ride over the next few months. Even though the cryptocurrency has been a relatively tepid performer since its debut, some in the market believe that could all be about to change. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at its recent performance and consider whether the time has come to say OMG about the performance of OMG. Recent performance Taking a quick glance at the year to date or longer-term performance of OmiseGo would initially suggest that there isn’t much worth getting excited about here. The cryptocurrency has generally followed the pattern of cryptocurrencies as a whole, although its form since the start of the year has been better, and substantially less dramatic, than other b...

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple Are On The Rise

Cryptocurrencies, on the whole, have had quite a rocky weekend. But, despite this, the top three are on the rise. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are all on the rise, bringing a great start to the week. The reasons for the current price fluctuation can be put down to a number of things that we will look at in more detail now. Firstly, the initial drop in the price of cryptocurrencies can be put down to Twitter’s recent report that they are to implement a ban on cryptocurrency advertising, following the footsteps of both Facebook and Google. Whilst this will stop the scams getting attention, there is a worry that it would have a long-term detrimental effect on legitimate cryptocurrencies; however, this recent rise in price might prove otherwise. Something that definitely helps lift the prices...

Digital Currencies With Brand Partnerships

The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies has been encouraging. A number of businesses have built platforms to allow payments in digital currencies for their products and services. The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among people, especially millennials, has been the driving force behind the wider acceptance for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Partnerships Bitcoin is the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency in circulation. It has been around since 2009 and built a strong following. Partnerships with major brands began in 2014 when Overstock, a major home-goods retailer, started accepting Bitcoin for payment at a number of stores. Microsoft, DISH Network and Paypal also joined the Bitcoin platform later. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin payments for content on Windows and Xb...

Top Cryptocurrency Rivalries

The cryptocurrency marketplace is starting to get crowded, as more companies launch their initial coin offerings and more emerging branches compete for top places. It is fair to say that all cryptocurrencies at the moment are in direct competition with Bitcoin, the market leader. Though still the largest cryptocurrency by far in terms of reach, market cap, coin value and most other metrics, Bitcoin has lost its market monopoly of 85-90%. It now takes between 4% and 50% of the available crypto trade. However, aside from the competition with the top crypto, there are also emerging rivalries between the other cryptocurrencies on offer. Rival pairs include Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple and Stellar. While all are battling it out for supremacy in that crypto marketp...

Is 2018 The Year For Ethereum?

Just like a number of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has suffered a drop in value; however, many are predicting that the second most popular cryptocurrency will take over in 2018. Ethereum had a really positive start to 2018, seeing all time highs, and despite this small dip, one expert has predicted that it will reach between $2,000 and $3,000 by the middle of the year, before hitting $5,000 and $7,000 by the end of the year. The co-founder, Steven Nerayoff has said that he believes an increase in projects that are being built on the technology could case this virtual currency to overtake Bitcoin. He said; “What you’re seeing with Ethereum is exponential increase in the number of projects – there are billions of dollars being poured into the ecosystem right now – maybe 10 times more projects ...

How Decentralised Are The Top Cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain has the answer to the age-old problems of centralised capital and the inequalities that are the inevitable result. Or so we thought. Just how decentralised the top cryptocurrencies really are is the question you should always ask, especially before investing your own money. There are three main categories that can be used as useful diagnostic tools. The first question to bear in mind is: are miners being rewarded or incentivised for keeping the network secure? The second factor to bear in mind is the number of entities that control more than 50% mining power. Mining pools are included into this number, and are something to really pay attention to: if more than 50% of a currency’s supply is controlled by two or three mining pools, just think of the potential consequences of hacki...

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