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Astralis And eSports.com In New, Record Breaking, Long Term Partnership

Hamburg, 20th March 2018 – eSports.com is pleased to announce a new partnership with Astralis which will bring together the ambitious platform for eSports (www.esports.com) and Astralis, who is supported by the eSports and digital entertainment powerhouse RFRSH Entertainment. Jakob Lund, Co-Founder of RFRSH Entertainment and EVP of Sales, comments: “We have entered an agreement with eSports.com that will secure both parties massive and creative exposure and include a range of new ways of activating a partnership deal. ESports.com is investing to become the new go-to platform for everything eSports with unique content and experiences to all their users, and we in RFRSH Entertainment share their way of thinking – and their ambitions. Over the past 16 months, Astralis has grown to becom...

eSports.com Elevates Its ICO Partnering Up With ESL and Sport1

After an incredibly successful pre-ICO round, eSports.com keeps on scoring huge wins. With a raise of more than €5 million during the pre-sale, the eSports.com ICO launched last week with great momentum and new partnerships. Leading industry companies are finding great areas of cooperation with eSports.com because of its innovative platform and the strength of the ecosystem it is creating. Therefore, industry leaders like ESL and Sport1 have decided to launch a partnership with eSports.com to help this new cryptocurrency-based ecosystem. New Partnerships, More Growth Both ESL and Sport1 are well-established companies that have years of experience in the industry. ESL organizes some of the most renowned gaming tournaments. Being the world’s largest and oldest Esports company, its reputation...

The evolution of eSports

Gizer is a blockchain project that will disrupt and conquer the eSports market. The Gizer Erc20 token was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. GZR creates seamless integration across multiple gaming platforms, allowing gamers to use their tokens to unlock their Global Gaming Identity and best leverage the Gizer platform (available on iOS and android) The GG ID is essentially a profile created on the Gizer platform that can be accessed by game developers who adopt the GZR technology. The Gizer platform Has the following features : •Ability to create and host events: Gamers can use a mobile device to create a tournament in 60 seconds. •Chat with existing contacts on the Gizer Network instantly. •Message friends and foes directly on the app and in a group setting. •Find other compatible play...

Cryptocurrency, The Future Of Payments And The Esports Industry

I am mining bitcoin and getting a bunch of it every day, so now what? That is the question some of the people probably asked themselves when they got acquainted with bitcoin in its infancy. We know exactly what happened with the finances of those who stuck with it a few years down the line. However, we tend to focus too much on that side of the cryptocurrency revolution while we gloss over a more fundamental change in the way economic ecosystems will emerge in the 21st century. It took years for the earliest bitcoin adopters to be able to spend their coins on a variety of products and services. Once bitcoin gained wider acceptance, the amount of goods and services that were available to bitcoin users, including those specially designed or engineered for bitcoin users, expanded tremendously...

Blockchain And eSports: The Cornerstones Of The Millennial Economy

Understanding the marketplace, basic economic principles and the role of each player within those complex ecosystems, can take decades. When a child is born, they are slowly immersed into a world in which economic dynamics rule. Some of these children learn faster than others; there are also those who gain a deeper understanding of these dynamics than most, but the time every individual must put into the endeavor is quite extensive. Nowadays, children are being born into a world that has shifted economically towards new frontiers. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and eSports are 3 of the pillars of this new frontier. The Millennial at the New Frontier Unlike new-borns who will learn these dynamics as they grow, Millennials had to adapt their knowledge to the changing reality. Some are...

UNICEF Considering Its Own ICO

No goal is more noble than helping the children in need around the world. Children bear the brunt of conflict, climate phenomena and poverty. They are also the future of human kind, so making sure they have all the resources needed to succeed, is probably the best way there is to build a better future. However, aid delivery to this highly vulnerable yet crucial segment of the world population, is mired in corruption, political strife and the interests of greedy parties. Fortunately, the world of cryptocurrency can offer a solution, and UNICEF, the UN body in charge of delivering aid to children, is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. UNICEF Ventures and Smart Contracts Besides the transparency that cryptocurrencies bring to international aid endeavors, they can also reduce the cost of...

Here Is Why Gold Can’t Keep Up With Bitcoin

In a world of scarce resources, clichés seem to abound. There is too many of them, and one of the most prominent ones when it comes to cryptocurrency refers to Bitcoin as the digital equivalent of gold. Nevertheless, when the price of this so called ‘digital gold’ quadruples that of its physical equivalent per unit – if a troy ounce could ever be equated to 1BTC – then it is time to call the cliché into question. The truth is that gold prices cannot keep up with gold because the comparison is profoundly flawed. When we Equate Bitcoin to Gold, we can Explain it to a Broader Audience There is no doubt that both assets bear some resemblance. That is enough to create a cliché and then use it to explain a complex digital asset to a broader audience. The following are some of the characteristics...

Trace Mayer Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $27,395 USD By February 2018

In the world of cryptocurrency there are all kinds of predictions floating around. Some seem too far fetched – like McAfee’s $500,000 USD per coin in 3 years for example. But others, while they seem exaggerated, for some reason feel like they are just under the threshold of the unattainable, especially when an expert makes them. This is the case of Trace Mayer’s most recent price prediction. Mayer sustains that bitcoin prices will hit $27,395 USD by February 2018. That looks like a huge number given current prices and the looming contentious SegWit2X fork. Nevertheless, it feels like it is still under the threshold of the unattainable. So How Did Trace Mayer Arrive at Such a Precise Estimate? The other enticing feature behind Trace Mayer’s prediction, is the precision of the number. Mayer ...

eSports.com Reward Token Promotes Global Economic Inclusion Through Gaming

One of the most pressing needs that cryptocurrency can address at a global level, is economic inclusion. In that sense, the reward token system powered by eSports.com (ERT) can contribute to this goal through gaming. There are already a few strong use cases for ERT as an agent of economic inclusion, namely in countries in which the local economy cannot provide enough opportunity to the people who live there. Venezuela is probably the best example. By Benjamin Kratsch, Global Content Director eSports.com Venezuelan Economy and the Need for Cryptocurrencies Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s late president, changed that country’s economic model gradually, imposing capital controls and a series of other economic measures that effectively chocked the economy. As a result, Venezuela is now facing the wor...

ERT Token Promotes Global Economic Inclusion Through Gaming

One of the most pressing needs that cryptocurrency can address at a global level, is economic inclusion. In that sense, eSports’ ERT token can contribute to this goal through gaming, although economic inclusion is not its main goal. There are already a few strong use cases for ERT as an agent of economic inclusion, namely in countries in which the local economy cannot provide enough opportunity to the people who live there. Venezuela is probably the best example. Venezuelan Economy and the Need for Cryptocurrencies Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s late president, changed that country’s economic model gradually, imposing capital controls and a series of other economic measures that effectively chocked the economy. As a result, Venezuela is now facing the worst bout of hyperinflation since Zimbabwe ...

Shooting a Movie for Esports.com

Yesterday we shot a promotional video for the ICO of an esports platform. In esports, teams play computer games against each other in front of an audience. Esports.com will be a new community-driven content platform which provides statistics, videos, how-to-guides etc. You can also bet on the results of esports matches and buy merchandise of popular teams. They plan to fund their platform by issueing digital tokens, a process that is – not very accurately – called “Initial Coin Offering”. This is supposed to sound like an “Initial Public Offering”, which means that a company issues their stock for the first time on a stock exchange. But every lawyer will tell you that it is not a good idea to refer to this highly regulated process. Anyway, everybody seem...