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Cryptocurrency Exchange Operators To Shut Down For Good

Breaking news from Nikkei, Japan this morning suggests that two cryptocurrency exchanges, namely Tokyo GateWay and Mr. Exchange are to cease operations and shut down for good. The closure of the exchanges will see both groups issue out all the customers cryptocurrency holdings before they close their doors (so to speak) for good. This comes after new regulations from the Financial Services Agency in Japan have been set out to reduce the levels of cybercrime happening within Japanese networks as a result of un-registered cryptocurrency exchanges. As part of the new regulations, both Tokyo GateWay and Mr. Exchange where told to improve their cybersecurity and data handling processes, failure to do so will now see the companies’ close-up. Interestingly, new reports are emerging that also sugg...

$140 Billion Tourism Industry Bound For Cryptocurrency Integration

International Tourism firms Touriocity and Traipse have today announced plans to introduce cryptocurrency incentives to users of their service. Both firms offer services for tours of cities across the world. They aren’t traditional tours per say, both firms aim to integrate technology, mainly smartphones and tablets into their tours to offer customers a much more rewarding experience. Not only that, the firms offer other experiences for customers, for example cooking classes and access to other cultural phenomena. With Touriocity based in London and Traipse based in Virginia, a collaboration between the two firms does sound like a logistical nightmare, the distance between their offices is hardly walkable and the time difference does present some challenges, that’s where OST comes in. OST ...

How India Is Paving The Way For The Cryptocurrency Boom

India as a nation have a keen eye for cryptocurrency, their attention to detail when it comes to technological revolution is astonishing. Even more astonishing is their commitment to cryptocurrency education in their latest move. The Indian Chamber of Commerce (FICCI) was established in 1927, it’s the largest apex business organisation in India yet has no direct affiliations with government, instead it is a not-for-profit organisation who’s aims are to provide services to its 2,500,000 members. Their recent new campaign, see’s a fantastic education programme established throughout some of India’s major cities, including, Mumbai, Osmanabad, Indore, Delhi and Jaipur. The programme has been designed to provide Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining education to young people in rural areas. The pro...

ZCoin Could Begin To Climb After Recent Tumble

Since the infamous cryptocurrency crash at the start of the year ZCoin has ploughed through a trajectory of loss after loss after loss. It closed 2017 valued at around $159 before entering a slippery slope, barely reaching $31 as valued today (29/03/2018). Its decline has followed the trend of many of the major cryptocurrencies over the last few months, though any pessimistic feelings you have towards ZCoin, or any of the other currencies for that matter, should be discarded. The past month has seen ZCoins decline start to tail off, after only losing miniscule amounts of value through recent days, does this mean that ZCoin could be about to start climbing properly for the first time in a few months? If you look at it’s trajectory, there are some peaks over the last few weeks, but these cli...

Every Phone Needs An SPV Wallet

Andrew Stone, the lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited has spoken out about the importance of SPV wallets on phones at the recent Satoshi’s Vision Conference. Bitcoin Cash adoption is at the top of Stone’s agenda and he believes that as a developer for Bitcoin Unlimited, his and his colleagues goals should be focused on just that, getting Bitcoin Cash into the mainstream. This is because of a number of factors, firstly Bitcoin Cash has the blockchain capacity to create and maintain its own network. Stone believes that there’s no time like the present and that the present is here so it’s time to get it done. Stone also believes that new developments can counter the anti-cryptocurrency propaganda that is being replicated at a governmental level. Mostly however, Stone argues that creativity an...

Do These Cryptocurrencies Have More Potential Than Bitcoin?

When you think of cryptocurrencies, you think of Bitcoin. It was the first one to burst onto the scene and it is the largest by market capital. But, these virtual currencies are threatening to one day surpass it completely. Ethereum Although many people believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar, there is one major difference Ethereum can handle currency and non currency blockchain applications, where Bitcoin can only handle currency applications. They have a great following, and at the end of 2017, there were approximately 200 organisations in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, with a number of industries and sectors. As well as this, they also implement smart contracts, which really sets to bar high for other cryptocurrencies to perform like Ethereum. Ripple Ripple appeals solely to fi...

Quebec Halts All New Cryptocurrency Mining Operations

Philippe Couillard, the premier of Quebec has temporarily put a stop to all of the new cryptocurrency mining operations being conducted in the Canadian province alongside the state-owned Hydro-Quebec Distribution company. All Offshore Applications Have Been Halted Quebec is known for the fact that it is able to produce cheap electricity and in abundance. That is why it is a popular destination for many cryptocurrency mining industries looking to carry on their cryptocurrency mining operations. Quebec however, has put a halt to all operations saying that even though it has  a lot of electricity being produced to meet all the demands of customers approaching the Canadian province, the future projects which are being proposed by offshore applicants will require several thousands of megawatts ...

ivyKoin(TM) ICO Surpasses Expectations

In an official press release today, ivyKoin(TM) have announced the outcome of their recent ICO. Initially ivyKoin(TM) had set an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) target of $15M, however due to an unprecedented demand, the offering became somewhat over-subscribed with ivyKoin(TM) eventually going on to accept $16.5M worth of bids. Gary Fan, President of ivyKoin(TM) has commented on the success of this ICO, saying:  “To have greatly exceeded our target subscriber numbers during this initial round validates our goal of bringing a transparency-focused solution to market. With our enhanced technology in place, we’re legitimizing an industry that is facing mounting concerns associated with compliance issues and fraud. ivyKoin(TM) was built to fill in those regulatory and industry gaps and...

Venezuela’s Petro Should Be Avoided By Cryptocurrency Investors

A few weeks ago, the news came that Venezuela was making the first state-backed cryptocurrency called petro. This controversial cryptocurrency has now been made officially available to the public and cryptocurrency investors would do well to steer away from making any investments into petro. This cryptocurrency is an attempt by the Venezuelan President Maduro to disregard and go around the economic sanctions that have been placed on Venezuela. The Venezuelan president has not even been discreet about the intent of circumventing sanctions with an open declaration about his intentions with the new cryptocurrency. The sanctions which have been placed on the country are there for a reason. Venezuela’s government is reputed to be massively corrupted and the human rights abuses have led to the s...

The Dash Demographic? People Who Aren’t Interested In Crypto

Dash should be considered as a competitor for the top currencies. It stands at number 13 on and is valued at present at around $360.00, though it has been subject to a fall in value of late. With this in mind, you might assume that for Dash, the sort of people they want onboard are serious crypto-fanatics. Traders with insider know-how and a passion for the industry. That’s the way to grow in the crypto world, right? Well, in a recent interview with Finance Magnates, the official spokesperson for Dash, Amanda B. Johnson, has spoken about how Dash are looking to the future, namely how centralisation might affect the currency. Johnson referred to the team’s vision to become the “first cryptocurrency that doesn’t feel like cryptocurrency” she also referenced the teams drive ...

Australia To Open Public Forum For Feedback On Cryptocurrency Taxation

This week the Australian Taxation Office, a branch within the Australian Government have announced plans to open a public consultation in order to gain opinions on how the government should handle the taxation of cryptocurrencies. This perhaps suggests to me that Australia’s government are open to totally free cryptocurrency operations but want to see if the public agrees with them first, a very democratic move indeed. Interestingly though, they do already have a policy in place known as the ‘Tax Treatment of cryptocurrencies’ policy, therefore its doubtful that they would go back on themselves if the public said otherwise, surely? The initial policy outlines that: If you are involved in acquiring or disposing of cryptocurrency, you need to be aware of the tax consequences. These vary depe...

All Hell Is Breaking Loose, Crypto Markets On The Verge Of A Boom

Bill Barhydt, CEO of American Express backed cryptocurrency wallet, ‘Abra’, has today told Business Insider UK of his prediction that the worlds cryptocurrency markets are teetering on the edge of a great expansion, he expects that when it happens, all hell is going to break loose, in a good way we think. At the moment, Barhydt recognises a wealth of investors who are currently just watching the markets from the stands. We are in the midst of a decline in the value of cryptocurrencies universally, poignant when you consider that before Christmas, the entire market was valued at over $800 Billion and now stands at just $300 Billion yet Barhydt believes that this decline acts only as an inspiration for investors to get involved. When the markets are scraping the barrel, there’s a great amoun...