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Bitcoin live dealer

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Quebec Halts All New Cryptocurrency Mining Operations

Philippe Couillard, the premier of Quebec has temporarily put a stop to all of the new cryptocurrency mining operations being conducted in the Canadian province alongside the state-owned Hydro-Quebec Distribution company. All Offshore Applications Have Been Halted Quebec is known for the fact that it is able to produce cheap electricity and in abundance. That is why it is a popular destination for many cryptocurrency mining industries looking to carry on their cryptocurrency mining operations. Quebec however, has put a halt to all operations saying that even though it has  a lot of electricity being produced to meet all the demands of customers approaching the Canadian province, the future projects which are being proposed by offshore applicants will require several thousands of megawatts ...

Venezuela’s Petro Should Be Avoided By Cryptocurrency Investors

A few weeks ago, the news came that Venezuela was making the first state-backed cryptocurrency called petro. This controversial cryptocurrency has now been made officially available to the public and cryptocurrency investors would do well to steer away from making any investments into petro. This cryptocurrency is an attempt by the Venezuelan President Maduro to disregard and go around the economic sanctions that have been placed on Venezuela. The Venezuelan president has not even been discreet about the intent of circumventing sanctions with an open declaration about his intentions with the new cryptocurrency. The sanctions which have been placed on the country are there for a reason. Venezuela’s government is reputed to be massively corrupted and the human rights abuses have led to the s...

Non-Anonymous Stablecoin – Saga

Last year was an incredible year for the world of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, rising in its value by 1,400 percent. With such an incredible increase in value, many felt that they should have invested into the cryptocurrency so that they could have also raked in all the profit. Things did turn around for the worse when the price of Bitcoin started falling without respite. The value has since fallen by 40 percent and many people are happy that they did not give in to FOMO (Fear of missing out). The Problem With Cryptocurrencies The primary problem in the world of cryptocurrencies is the fact that it is susceptible to extreme volatility. The whole trading scenario is a gray area that has barely any regulations since it is such a nascent investment vehicle. These p...

Google Looking To Blockchain Technology For Audits

Google just might be looking into making use of the revolutionary blockchain technology. This week saw Google making an announcement about two different projects, which it is planning to launch to leverage the power of blockchain technology. One of them is a clouds operations platform and the other one is a tamper-proof auditing system. Immutable Google For the auditing system, Google originally filed for a patent back in the September of 2017. According to the filing which was released by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Google plans to make a tamper-evident log that will have the ability to store signatures and verify that the information which has been stored has not been changed in any form or manner. If it has been changed, the system will be able to tell exactly what the nature of...

Blockchain Capital Raises $150 Million For Latest Venture Fund

The venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, has raised a fund equaling $150,000,000 US Dollars for the latest venture that it’s going on. The firm, founded in 2013, has been entirely focused on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world and since it started off, it has invested in over 70 different companies, tokens and protocols. The companies that Blockchain Capital has invested into include the likes of Ripple, Ethereum, Circle, Kraken and even Coinbase. This goes to show the commitment that the venture capital firm has in trying to work with companies that leverage blockchain technology to make more protocols, develop assets, markets and new businesses. With the closing of the Blockchain Capital IV,LP on Thursday, Blockchain Capital has officially managed to raise the largest ...

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis And Predictions

Investments in digital currency are a divisive concept in trading and financial investment circles. The cryptocurrencies are open to similar fluctuations and trends that we see in regular commodity prices. What sets them apart is the length to which supporters and critics exaggerate things. Every time we see the coin prices rise, supporters come out in droves to predict crypto values would soon surpass the highest milestones. Every time we see a dip in prices, people start predicating that it will go bust and the whole thing is a fraud. Rational investors should take a more nuanced approach. It should be understood that just like other investments, there are risks associated with cryptocurrencies. There are also rewards to making a good investment decision. Decisions on when to invest, and...

Bitcoin Might Become A Form Of Art

Bitcoin is a mystery to many. As the currency gains popularity, the enigma surrounding it deepens. Financial analysts, asset managers and tech geniuses are confused, yet they continue to praise it. A number of serious economists and computer techs have wondered what anyone sees in the currency. Sure, it is an innovative way of transferring money. Yes, it is secure and impossible to hack. Of course, it offers anonymity. Free from government control is an added bonus. But do all these traits justify the high valuation? Some skeptics disagree. Many had predicted the downfall of the coin during 2017 and kept repeating that it would go bust. People have been saying that it is in a speculative bubble. Yet Bitcoin mania continues to captivate more and more imaginations. Both skeptics and supporte...

Crypto Analysts Believe The Worst Is Behind Us

While investors and punters seem cautious over Bitcoin fluctuations, some analysts appear to be very confident that the number one cryptocurrency will reach new levels before the year is done. During the first three months of 2018, Bitcoin has lost most than 50% of its value. The coin started at the level of $15,000 in January and is currently trading at slightly below $10,000. It does make one wonder why analysts have such a positive outlook on valuation. Analysts argue that the cryptocurrency may have started at the high of $15,000 but it has also seen and been past the low of $5,900 during the year. Bitcoin dropped to the low level during the second week of February when negative news concerning regulations severely shook the investor confidence. One analyst was particularly bold. Kay V...

Blockchain Applications For The Modern Nation

The underlying powerhouse to all major cryptocurrencies is the blockchain technology. It is the one revolutionary idea that has come out of our current obsession with digital money. Experts believe that regardless of which way the digital currencies will go, blockchain is here to stay and re-shape the way we exchange information. Understanding Blockchain According to Google trends, blockchain has been in the top 10 list of most searched terms since January 2017. People from all over the world are excited about blockchain and want to learn more about the technology. At its core, Blockchain is nothing more than an electronic ledger that shows a historical record of transactions stored as blocks of code. A new transaction received by the ledger must be authenticated by a decentralized network...

How Blockchain Can Help Lenders

Blockchain technology is still relatively new but we have seen increased adoption of the P2P ledger system from the financial sector. The technology is already being used in currency exchange, money transfer, creating financial securities and inventory management by retailers. One area that has surprisingly lagged behind in blockchain adoption is the mortgage lending and servicing businesses. Blockchain, and smart contracts, in particular, offer major efficiency in how we create, transfer and record property titles and deeds. Yet most lenders have been slow to take the technology on board. Negative Perception Due To Cryptocurrencies One reason for a lot of mistrust about the blockchain technology is its association with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These currencies are notoriously v...

Telegram Looks Set To Raise over $2 Billion

It seems no matter where you look, everyone is talking about the Telegram ICO these days. The news first made headlines last month when TechCrunch reported that the messaging app service was looking to raise more than $1 billion in its initial coin offering. This would be the largest ICO of all times, provided the tech firm reaches its goal of raising the target capital. Telegram Pre-Sale Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, has been very active over the past few months trying to convince major investors to back his project. Reports suggest that he has already convinced over 80 major companies, including Silicon Valley giants Sequoia Capital and Benchmark to give him $850 million in a presale of his company’s cryptocurrency, in advance of the ICO. According to one report, investors received a...

The Reemergence Of Crypto Trading In China

Last year, Chinese investors were at the forefront of cryptocurrency trade and they stayed there for quite some time. At one point, the Chinese exchanges accounted for more than 90% of the daily trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This wasn’t entirely surprising given the massive trade volume of Chinese businesses and exports around the world. The Chinese businesses and individuals have amassed a lot of wealth, most of it held in US dollar reserves and treasury stock backed by the dollar. For a long time, the Chinese investors have been looking for ways to diversify their holdings to a portfolio of gold, Euro and now, cryptocurrencies. Perhaps some of you remember the sharp rise in the prices of gold during 2012 and 2013. Major financial institutes had attributed the rise ...